What do you buy a tech geek for the Holidays/Christmas? An ISS-Above!

Have you ever asked "What is the perfect gift for my astronomy loving dad, mum, husband, wife, teenager or child?' We think you'd agree that finding that gift has never been easy… until now… We have the perfect gift idea for you.

The ISS-ABOVE lands in your living room and keeps you in touch with the only humans in space - aboard the International Space Station!

Imagine watching the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean from space whilst you eat your breakfast? Or sunset over China as you spends some quality time with your family in the evening? It's all available - the ISS-ABOVE brings you views from the International Space Station (ISS) as it orbits around planet earth and a lot of other fascinating facts about the ISS.

Who is the ISS-ABOVE perfect for?

  • It's a great teenager's birthday present.
  • It's a great present for people who love The Big Bang Theory (which is based just down the street from where the ISS-ABOVEs are assembled and shipped).
  • It's a great present from or for someone who works at NASA or JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory).
  • It's a great gift for astronomy fanboys and fangirls.
  • It'd make a great Christmas tree decoration.
  • It's a great way to spend time with family chatting about space, earth from a different perspective, or mankind's most expensive ever man-made item, the International Space Station.

ISS-ABOVE is a hero!

Did you love Gravity the movie? You'll love the ISS-Above! The movie featured Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, stranded in space after the destruction of their space shuttle. The hero is the ISS and the supply vehicles that support it. Imagine seeing those for real, docking and undocking. That's what ISS-ABOVE brings you.

Now for a quick joke

Q. What do you call six astronauts in a tin can flying at 18,000mph? A. Mankind's greatest achievement to date.

The ISS, is the  most ambitious human scientific project ever, but how much do you really know about it?

Get your Space Station tracker here

It's great value at our holiday price of $125. Last date for holiday orders is Dec 21st for continental US.

What people say

"ISS-ABOVE encourages us space dreamers to keep on dreaming, non believers to believe and the earthbound explorers to explore with our eyes. The images we see of our precious blue planet are mankind's medicine. I would like to thank you personally for that gift!"

“Thanks! For the opportunity to share with my friends & family. It combines an awesome perspective of our Earth as well as a great platform from which discussions & questions can take flight...”

"It has created a buzz of excitement in my family, friends, and visitors. Most express disbelief at first that the images they are witnessing are real, live feeds. Several people have silently sat on my sofa with their hands over their mouths, simply staring as though they are seeing an unprecedented achievement of mankind.
Afterwards, they are searching all things NASA and space on the internet. Children began wanting telescopes and talking about working for NASA when they grow up. Thank you so much for enriching our lives."

“When I was a little girl , I wanted to be an Astronaut when I grew up . ISS-ABOVE has allowed part of that dream to come true because we can see what the Astronauts see! Thank you for making dreams come true & inspiring the world to look up and #isswave”

“Thanks so much for doing this - my neighbors even appreciate our "big blue marble" more. It has sparked several environmental conversations, including one that led to cleaning up the neighborhood.”

“Thank you so much for this. I have two girls 8 and 3 and we are constantly talking about ISS and watched it fly over last night. ISS-ABOVE has been a beautiful experience and is the trigger that got them interested.”

“Thanks for letting us fly along with the ISS! It's amazing to get to see our beautiful Earth from above.”

“Thank you very much for making this feed available. It really shows that human progress is in constant motion and reminds us that even though each of us are just a small part, we are all moving forward together.”