Each ISS-Above device has been fully tested prior to shipment. If you encounter any issues with this device please contact us for support via support@issabove.com - we are very responsive to questions. 

The ISS-Above device is comprised of several elements of hardware (Raspberry Pi Computer / Power Supply / 8GB MicroSD card / Case / PiGlow LED).  The ISS-Above software code is contained on the 8GB MicroSD card.  In over four years of operation hardware failures are extremely rare.

ISS-Above warrants that should failure occur in any part of the hardware supplied as part of the ISS-Above package, the customer may return the ISS-Above and the defective unit will be replaced for a period of up to 90 days from the date of purchase.  The customer is responsible for shipping their unit back to us.  ISS-Above will ship any replacement back to you free of charge. 

ISS-Above warrants the correct functioning of ISS-Above software as determined by the current code release.  By default ISS-Above is configured to automatically install new updates whenever those become available.  As long as your device is switched on and connected to the Internet it will receive these updates as needed.  

On very rare occasions, the 8GB MicroSD Card that contains the ISS-Above software image can become corrupt. This can happen for a variety of reasons including due to unexpected power loss for example due to electrical storms.  Even with an unexpected power failure the system will likely restart without any issue but occasionally the built-in repair process is unable to fix the corruption 

If ISS-Above support staff determine your software image is corrupt and needs to be replaced outside the 90 day warranty period ISS-Above will provide a free downloadable image of the software that the user can copy onto a new MicroSD Card (although the customer will be responsible for purchasing a new 8gb MicroSD card if needed).  For customers who do not wish to re-write the image themselves we will ship a new 8GB MicroSD card with the ISS-Above software on it for a minimal charge covering the cost of the new 8GB MicroSD card and shipping (currently this fee is $20).  

ISS-Above does not warrant that any services that display data on ISS-Above screens and that rely on third-party solutions, servers or software will function in an uninterrupted manner or at all. Such displays or services include live video streaming from the ISS which is managed by NASA's HDEV (High Definition Earth Viewing) team at Johnson Space Center and third parties that they select for streaming. ISS-Above cannot guarantee or warrant that HDEV will not have outages or be discontinued at some future time. The ISS-Above system has been designed to adapt to outages of the main video feed (HDEV) and will fail over to alternative live video sources from NASA.  

Note: ISS-Above has a Space Act Agreement (NR SAA 22225) with NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX
The ISS-Above product is not endorsed by NASA