The Planetary Society has a mission to empower the world's citizens to advance space science and exploration.  As the world's largest non-profit space interest organization they sponsor projects that seed innovative space technologies, nurture creative young minds and advocate for our future in space. Jointly, we work on:

  • Education and curriculum development
  • Raising awareness of The Planetary Society's LightSail spacecraft
  • Kickstarter rewards (we created a custom version of the ISS-Above called LightSail-Above that was a backer reward for their LightSail Kickstarter)
  • Member discounts on ISS-ABOVE

Beating The Odds is a non-profit creating curriculum to inspire young people to reach for their dreams. In collaboration with NASA and ISS-ABOVE we:

  • Provide ISS-ABOVE units to BTO schools as curriculum support for their NASA projects.
  • Encourage schools to adopt BTO/ISS-ABOVE as part of their STEM curriculum.

Download the flyer here.

See also Challenger Learning Centers.


DreamUp, PBC, the educational arm of NanoRacks, LLC, provides space-based educational and media services to students and entrepreneurs. The first company dedicated to bringing space into the classroom, and the classroom into space, DreamUp is realizing an educational community where space-based research and projects are available to all students, from primary to post-doctorate, via the International Space Station and beyond. We partner by:

  • Working with schools to extend their STEM curriculum with experiments that fly to the ISS.
  • Offering all students access to their schools' engagement with the ISS through awareness of and access to the Space Station.
  • Seeking commercial opportunities that will sponsor ISS-ABOVEs in schools.

Challenger Learning Centers continue the Challenger crew’s educational mission, carrying their spirit forward through the Challenger Center for Space Science Education with locations across the US:

  • Partnering with NASA, Beating the Odds and ISS-ABOVE to bring unique learning experiences to the Challenger Centers.
  • Developing curriculum in collaboration with teachers, NASA, BTO and ISS-Above to support STEM programs in schools.

Made in Space has developed additive manufacturing technology for use in the space environment. By manufacturing space assets in space using 3D-printing technology, the company plans to accelerate and broaden space development while also providing unprecedented access for people on Earth to use in-space capabilities. We collaborate by:

  • Sharing information about Made in Space projects with ISS-ABOVE customers, corporations and schools.
  • Collaborating to bring the public's attention to space-based manufacturing and its importance to the future of human spaceflight.

Edge of Space offers innovative, highly affordable access to space for schools, classrooms, and students through experiments which include an element of time in space, but can be conducted on the ground. We partner on:

  • Advancing space experiment opportunities for schools.
  • Offering all students access to their schools' engagement with the ISS through awareness of and access to the Space Station.