The ISS-Above is a fun and educational device that connects people to the International Space Station, and specifically to the humans on board. Our mission is to bring this magnificent human scientific achievement into your home, schools and offices and to inspire awe in the beauty and fragility of the planet we call home.

The magic of the ISS-ABOVE

The ISS-ABOVE is a single-board computer with a program that calculates where the International Space Station is at all time. Hooked it up to a TV and it displays screens with information that show you where the ISS is and when you can see it in your skies.
Yes, that's right. At certain times of day (around dawn and dusk) the ISS looks like a very bright star moving steadily across the sky in 6-10 minutes. 

Find out where the International Space Station is...

when it will next be in your skies...

and where to look for it

Now for some moving pictures

Nothing creates wonder like the video of Earth from the external cameras on the International Space Station.. From 250 miles up, there's quite a view! It's busy up there too. The "daytime" for the ISS crew is 46 minutes (followed by 46 minutes of darkness). You can sometimes see the moon rising and setting. The supply vehicles (Russian Progress, Japanese HTV, USA SpaceX Dragon and USA Orbital Sciences Cygnus) dock and undock. 

It’s incredible to watch, live, our beautiful earth and marvel at the fact that people are actually living and working so far above us. Our friends and family have gone from not being at all engaged in ISS activity to actively becoming totally fascinated and very interested!”
— ISS-Above Owner, Worcestershire, UK

There are more than 2,500 ISS-Above’s installed worldwide (as of August 2018). This map shows SOME of them. All locations are approximate except for some devices that are installed at schools or other public location (such as a science museum).

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