Supporting STEM Education

Have you heard about STEM? It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It's an initiative in schools to get students interested and passionate about these areas and even consider a career in some branch of STEM.

So what difference does an ISS-ABOVE make in a school? Read the Harambee story for an inspirational story and ISS-ABOVE and young people's reaction to it.  Watch Bill Nye's video about the ISS-ABOVE.

We talk to schools, school districts and PTAs to get ISS-ABOVEs into schools. Unfortunately their budgets are limited. Slowly but surely our schools list is growing, but we would really appreciate your help.

Bill Nye is "obsessed" with ISS-ABOVE

Bill Nye is "obsessed" with ISS-ABOVE

Which is where you come in.  I'm asking generous parents or anyone passionate about science and technology to donate an ISS-ABOVE to a schoolI'll personally support your chosen school in getting it up and running.
Just click the button below and we'll email you to confirm that we're shipping it to the school of your choice. THANK YOU!

DOWNLOAD a schools brochure to find out what your school will get.

I am a Middle School teacher and have the ISS-Above attached to an LCD mounted on my wall. My students enjoy the perspective offered by the video and have even attempted for figure out what part of the Earth the camera is seeing. It’s a great way to integrate science and geography. My 150+ students thank you.
— Oklahoma, USA