A device that brings mission-control for the International Space Station to a TV screen in your lobby, break-room or at your desk

The ISS-ABOVE is an opportunity to energize your employees and to help your company inspire a generation of students. ISS-ABOVE tells them where the Space Station is, when they can see it, how fast it’s moving and shows them Earth from ‘up there’ in space. DOWNLOAD a brochure.

Where did it all start?

Back in November 2013, I wanted to create a gift for my grandkids from their “geek” grandpa. With a Raspberry Pi, some programming talent and a passion for space, the ISS-Above was born.

Today, there are ISS-ABOVE devices all over the world:

  • Bill Nye’s office
  • A Space Station astronaut’s home so his family knows when he’s nearby
  • The studios of TWIT TV
  • Corporate lobbies and offices
  • Schools and colleges
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Thousands of homes

What is it for?

The ISS-ABOVE keeps your employees ever present to the magnificent achievement that the ISS is. Whatever projects they’re working on, they’ll be re-energized by an ISS-Above. What everyone discovers is:

  • How often the Space Station passes nearby
  • When to go outside and see the ISS pass overhead
  • Which astronauts are up there
  • Fascinating detail about the Space Station’s orbit, speed and position in the sky
  • And it Tweets a message to NASA with each close pass!

Hooked to a TV, you’ll see:

  • Informational screens: orbits, speed, position, current crew, news updates
  • Live video from the Space Station external cameras when in daylight
  • Custom corporate branded screen with your own content about your involvement with the ISS

What do I get?

  • ISS-Above branded for your company (10 or more purchases)
  • ISS-Above software preinstalled (pre-configured for your location if you order online)
  • Raspberry Pi – Model 2 B in its own transparent case, with power supply
  • PiGlow flashing RGB LED display - lets you know when the Space Station is approaching
  • WiFi dongle compatible with the Raspberry Pi (additional purchase)
  • Quick-Start guide
  • Web based setup and management of your ISS-Above

Corporations can purchase less than 10 ISD-ABOVEs here.

For larger order (10 and above) please email liam@issabove.com or call (949) 387 4862, for a discount code and to have your ISS-ABOVEs branded with you logo and to set up your custom information screen.

Is it easy to set up?

Connect it to your network and to a TV or HDMI monitor and manage settings on your ISS-Above’s own website such as:

  • Your location
  • How long different screens show
  • Your tweet message to the Space Station
  • Turning off the LED lights
ITEX enjoying their ISS-above in their office lobby

ITEX enjoying their ISS-above in their office lobby

I cancelled our lobby cable TV and replaced it with the ISS video feed. People can’t believe the view they are seeing is “live”; and the dedication of the men and women working on behalf of all of us.
— ITEX, Bellevue, WA, USA