The ISS-ABOVE inspires and excites students in very special ways.
Teachers are constantly surprised at the engagement, level of knowledge and detailed questions from students.

What is ISS-ABOVE?

ISS-ABOVE is a code base that runs on a Raspberry Pi and tracks the position of the International Space Station and streams live video from the Earth facing cameras.

Students see:

  • Information screens (similar to the ones in Mission Control at NASA Johnson): Orbits, speed, position, current crew
  • When ISS is in daylight, live video of the Earth overlaid with location information
  • On-demand pre-recorded videos
  • List of upcoming broadcasts/astronaut interviews from the Space Station

Teachers use the ISS-ABOVE in geography physics, astronomy and mathematics.

How do I get ISS-ABOVE for my school district?

ISS-ABOVE comes in 3 formats:

  • Fully assembled Raspberry Pi 3 with PiGlow LED, case, power cable (school provides HDMI cable and TV). For less than 5 units, purchase here.

or for schools that already have a Raspberry Pi:

  • ISS-ABOVE code on an SD card. 
  • ISS-ABOVE code download

All formats include a quick start, how to use guide and teacher's guides. The ISS-ABOVE also has it's own web-based setup and management for configuring your location.


Purchases of less than 5 ISS-ABOVEs can be made here. For purchases of more than 5, or a district-wide license, contact us by email at or call 949 387 4862.

kim david, lee-scott academy with their iss-above

kim david, lee-scott academy with their iss-above

What teachers say

“It's on a big screen on the wall in the library and the ISS above runs 7x24. Everyone loves it.   The librarian was taking pictures the other day while showing the kidsthe ISS fly over Florida which they could make out on the video. So it has been a huge success!”

“Have the ISS-Above streaming all the time in our library allows our students to see real time images from the ISS. It also teaches them geography by providing information where the ISS is located.”

“It has helped make my students aware that the ISS is constantly orbiting and that there are student designed experiments aboard.  It is a very worthwhile device to install in every school.”

“I would say that this is a great device for students to interact with on a daily basis to gain a better perspective as to as to who is on the ISS, where it is and what it is that they see from there. I have students that come in every day to see what things look like from space that particular day.”

“I would say that this is a great device for students to interact with on a daily basis to gain a better perspective as to as to who is on the ISS, where it is and what it is that they see from there. I have students that come in every day to see what things look like from space that particular day.”

“Using the ISS-Above to connect students to space science has added one more interest mechanism with which to hook their interest. I now have students tell me that "Mom has an app on her iPhone to find the ISS!" and "My dad and I saw the ISS fly over when we were in Mexico!" and "Can we see who is on board right now?" and "When is it flying over Tahoe next?" are the kinds of comments I get all the time. I have even had a few parents tell me that their student is turned on to space science. It also was an EASY way to hook kids into the special nature of Scott Kelly's experiences, and I see the same kinds of excitement about space that I remember feeling at their age about the Apollo missions... then as a young teacher about the shuttle missions.”

“I think it is WONDERFUL. Many students aren't aware of the fact that we currently have people living in space. In fact, many don't know we've been to the moon! This has been a great way for me to introduce them to space.”

“It lets them see what's going on at the ISS, it has them questioning things.”

“The live view of the Earth from the space station is so inspiring to students. The ISS Above is an attention-grabber which often leads to more discussion about NASA biological research done by the Gilroy Lab.”

“It has really gotten my students excited about space science, STEM fields, NASA and space exploration”

Bill Nye talks about ISS-Above

Some of our schools across the US

@CentaurusISS High School – Lafayette, CO
Allen Academy, Bryan TX
Awty International School, Houston TX
Bell Middle School, Golden, CO
Bethlehem High School in Fredericktown, PA
Campbell Hall School, North Hollywood, CA
Castle Manor, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK
Center for Space Education , Kennedy Space Center, FL
Del Cerro Elementary School, Mission Viejo, CA
Discovery Science Center, Santa Ana, CA
Duchesne Academy in Houston, TX
East Middle School, Traverse City, MI
Elizabeth Forward Middle School, Elizabeth, PA
Flintridge Prep School, La Canada, CA
Forest Lake Elementary, Columbia, SC
Francis X. Collins Middle School in Salem, MA
Friends School, San Francisco, CA
Geneva City School District
Geographisches Institut
Glenshire Elementary, Truckee, CA
Hajjar and Kennedy Elementary Schools
Halstow Primary School
Harambee Prep School, Pasadena, CA
Irving Middle School, Norman Public Schools, OK
Jackson Middle School, Champlin, MN
John Roan School, Greenwich, UK
Lakewood High School, Lakewood, CO
Lawrence Middle School, Chatsworth, CA
Lee-Scott Academy, Auburn, AL
Longfellow Elementary, Pasadena, CA
Longfellow Middle School, Norman, OK
Malvern Prep School, Malvern, PA
Manteca USD, Manteca, CA
McGill School of Success, San Diego, CA
Milken Upper School, Los Angeles, CA
Millikan Middle School, Sherman Oaks, CA. 
Milton Area High School, Milton, PA
Museum of Science and Technology
New Horizon School Pasadena, CA
Newport Heights Elementary, Newport Beach, CA
Park Century School, Culver City, CA
Peters Elementary, Garden Grove, CA
Rodriguez Elementary, Harlingen, TX
Rosemont Middle School, La Crescenta, CA
St Clare's School
St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Ridgeland, MS
Tahoe Lake Elementary, Tahoe City, CA
Talbot Innovation Middle School, Fall River, MA
Truckee Elementary, Truckee, CA
University of Wisconsin, WI
View Ridge Elementary, Seattle WA
Wiley Middle School, Winston-Salem NC
Windward School, Los Angeles, CA