Planetary Society CEO, Bill Nye, introduces the ISS Above raspberry pi. This little computer tracks the International Space Station in real time! And when the ISS is in daylight, the onboard cameras can be displayed on your TV. This gadget was created by a Planetary Society Member, Liam Kennedy.


A message from Bill Nye, CEO of the Planetary Society.
Bill tells us what he really thinks about ISS-ABOVE!

Bill Nye has 3 ISS-ABOVE's. The one in the video is in the Conference Room of The Planetary Society in Pasadena, CA. All their visitors get a chance to see the displays and the ISS-ABOVE flashing away when the ISS is overhead.

As well as tracking the International Space Station, the ISS-ABOVE can also track The Planetary Society's Light Sail, due to launch later in 2016.

Purchase your ISS-ABOVE with the coupon code "planetary" - you'll get a 5% discount and 5% will go to The Planetary Society to support their work.

Reviews from our customers

Anniversary of HDEV (High-Definition Earth Viewing Cameras

acknowledgements from iss-above customers for the views from the nasa HDEV camera project

acknowledgements from iss-above customers for the views from the nasa HDEV camera project

On April 30th, 2015, the HDEV cameras had been on the Space Station for 1 year. We asked our customers to share their appreciation of the views of Earth with the NASA HDEV team.

From all over the world, from private homes, offices and schools, scientists, geeks, teachers, parents, students, people from every walk of life, generously took time to say thanks for the wonderful views from space made available through the ISS-ABOVE. 

Liam presented the reviews in a book to the HDEV Team in Houston at a private celebration on April 30th 2015. 

Click the image to the left to download the book for yourself and read the inspiring comments from ISS-Above customers around the world.


Reviews from

If you’re a space fanatic or techie that likes all things space related — this a product for you! Features have been added over time like the HD streaming feed from the ISS via the HDMI port. While the ISS Above can be used for other additional things since it is based on the popular Raspberry Pi single board computer, I keep mine dedicated to just the ISS-Above function. I keep it in the kitchen where I can easily switch the 28” wall mounted TV to the HDMI input with the ISS-Above to see the view from above so to speak when I need a break for local or national TV news. Any time the ISS is over the US East Coast, I get the flashing LED alert from the PiGlow — it’s been an interesting conversation piece with visiting family and friends. Liam’s created a really cool product! Two thumbs up!
The ISS-Above is awesome for someone that is into NASA and the International Space Station (ISS). This project just keeps evolving from its initial release. When the project was first available (as cool as it was) only had notifications of the ISS flying over with L.E.D. visual indicators depending on what add-on board you got but now adding a live video stream from the ISS and flight information and also updated news makes it even cooler. I love the ISS-Above project so much that I have two of them. If you are looking for an awesome project for your Raspberry Pi then this is the project for you. You won’t be disappointed. Keep up the great work Liam Kennedy (ISS-Above Creator).
First off - This little device is amazing! If you ever want to experience a sunset and a sunrise in SPACE right in your living room 16 times a day, you need this in your life! Not only does it allow you to live stream HD video from the ISS, it also provides ISS news and happenings, mission data, and when the ISS is right above you! I was even able to watch the Canada Arm grab SpaceX’s Dragon capsule during the CRS-6 mission! If you’re a geek at any level, this is a real treat to have. NASA’s HDEV (High Definition Earth Viewing) experiment is a gift to the world and the ISS Above allows you to experience it right at home.
This is hands-down one of the coolest projects created with the Raspberry Pi. Liam Kennedy (ISS Above creator) has deployed a truly amazing device & software combination that connects to the ISS Data & Video Streams to give a really neat ‘always on’ dashboard that will be both never-ending entertainment, not to mention an ideal conversation starter at parties! The software is consistently upgraded, and brings new cool features with every update. My ISS Above has a dedicated screen in the home office - couldn’t be more thrilled with it! - thanks Liam!!
After reading an interview with Bill Nye in which he mentioned the ISS-Above, I looked into it. What a great use of Raspberry Pi. It’s easy to set up. All you need is a network connection and an HDMI cable and you’re on your way to dazzling HD video feeds, location information, and crew bios. If you want some more flexibility you can add a USB WiFi adapter, which I did. At one point I had a power surge that corrupted the SD card. The ISS-Above support team got me back up and running promptly. This is a great gift for a science or tech lover
I started working with my 3 raspberry pi motherboards for my home projects and I realize that I need a project that runs a 24/7 that is entertaining, educational, fun and rewarding. With the great software and support that are available from developed by the inventor of ISS-Above (Mr. Liam Kennedy), my system is now running a piGlow or a 16x2 RGB LCD from Adafruit. Powering on the smallest PC I ever had, I was amazed seeing our wonderful planet from the HD cameras of the Int’l Space Station. We normally see our home planet looking from the airplane window but with the help of NASA, we could see how beautiful our planet traveling above earth at 4.8 miles/sec. This kit connects us to the Astronauts in the Int’l space station and all the people working in NASA. This is indeed a magnificent human scientific achievement extending into our home to inspire and appreciate the beauty of our planet earth that we call home. This PC have a very low power consumption. This small plug and play PC runs with only an HDMI cable connected to your TV, Android USB power cable and LAN cable from the internet router. So sit back, relax and enjoy the HD video and news. Wait for your auto tweet that is pinged to the Int’l Space Station when ISS is above your location. Enjoy the time when you actually see the ISS traveling fast in the sky. It will be amazing to you and your family. 5 stars for this complete kit.
I bought the ISS Above HD earlier this year at the Space City ComicCon and was immediately impressed, especially for the price charged. It’s built from a Raspberry PI and an LED daughter board that flashes when the ISS is passing overhead. The video is straight from the ISS live feed when it’s in daylight, and the information screens shown when it’s in darkness are very informative. It will even send tweets to the folks on the ISS when it passes over your location, if you want. Great for schoolrooms, homeschools - anywhere really. I recommend buying the USB WiFi so it can remain wireless (Edimax EW-7811Un 150Mbps 11n Wi-Fi USB Adapter, Nano Size Lets You Plug it and Forget it, Ideal for Raspberry Pi, Supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux).
This device is amazing!! It expands your curiosity about space and the future of space travel! I highly recommend it!!!
First I was running ISSabove with PiGlow in the doorway which was great because I was coming along often and especially visitors and friends start asking “what is this blinking thing?” :-) I make a great difference to actually know that ISS is flying above right now.
Now I am running ISSabove on an old monitor in my office and that is even better. Always a nice moment when I stop for a moment and realize that some people are working too, 200 miles above my head ;-)
Saw this mentioned in an interview with Bill Nye and bought it for my Dad for Christmas. (He normally enjoys radio controlled helicopters.) He loves it. Yes, it seems odd to have a blinky light when the ISS goes over ... But it is quite fun reminder for when you can go out and see it in the sky. We live 100 miles away and he texts me every time it’s visible so I can go out and see it too. Sometimes there are clouds, so if you get to see one it is a special event that doesn’t happen every day.
I wish I had the vocabulary to explain how wonderful this product is. I am inspired every time I turn it on.
The ISS-Above is a great little unit to my home study. I enjoy going out and spotting the ISS when I can. It works great!!!
I keep one in my office and one at home. Quite the conversational piece when people sit in my office and wonder what all the LED flashing is about. A great opportunity to share a little insight in the dedicated astronauts and ground crew working with the ISS. A big ‘thank you’ to Liam for making this available on Amazon. My SD memory card encountered hard errors. Customer support was fantastic to get me back up and working.
Bought the ISS-Above almost a year ago and have been thrilled with it from day one. It’s very easy to set up, and you’ll be viewing Earth from the Space Station in no time. The data and graphics are easy to understand and provide you with an education on the Space Station, where it is at all times, and even when it will pass overhead of your location so you can catch a glimpse of it. The live video feed is absolutely stunning. It offers awe-inspiring views of the Earth, weather systems, sunrises and sunsets. The ISS-Above has great appeal to both children and adults alike, and has given us a greater appreciation for the astronauts and their work on the International Space Station.
If you want to take your mind off everyday “things”, this little device offers an opportunity for you to go outside and look at the beautiful night sky searching for ISS.
I saw the ISS-Above review on Twit TV and decided to support the effort.
Wonderful device. I have it next to my desk, hooked to a 21” monitor. I’m mesmerized watching the incredible images of the earth’s surface transmitted by the ISS cameras.
Get one of these and be prepared to be fascinated, day after day. I never tire of it, a source of endless wonder.
I got this last Christmas as a gift and have it hooked up to a TV monitor right above my desk. I keep it on most of the day and evening. The views are ever changing and always awesome. The ancillary information is pretty cool too. Visitors to our home enjoying the “view” are pretty awed as well.
This is a fantastic device. Whether you are into Science, Amateur Radio or just have a keen curiosity about space and the ISS, you will love this product. The new screens of information that have been added are really cool. I have mine mounted at my desk with a dedicated monitor, and the display is always changing throughout the day and night. And is it ever amazing to be able to look up and see the Earth flowing by below. Almost like being there. Totally happy with this purchase and would add a second unit if i had another location to put it.
Unit has been running 1+ years. Great support when you need assistance if any at all. This will definitely be a conversation piece when guests come over. It really amazes everyone young and younger.
If you can’t be there, this is as close as it gets. I’m amazed at the clarity of the video.
This is the best application that I have found for the Raspberry Pi. It tells you when the ISS is Above, where it is and how long it will be there making it easy to spot. All of that is complimented with live views from space and news about ISS activity. I have mine permanently positioned on my flat screen in the front room, it never ceases to amaze.
I love my ISS-Above! Great product and easy to set up! I am amazed every time my ISS-Above lights up when the International Space Station is near me. So much fun and fascinating! I highly recommend it!
Really wonderful device. Highly recommended.
Do you love the earth? Looking at the earth? I do. The ISS ABOVE units I have allow me to enjoy our beautiful planet from the international space stations perspective. It’s beautiful. Just knowing when the ISS is above just turns me on. It alerts me to possible amateur radio contact opportunities with the ISS!! All in all this is the coolest use of the raspberry Pi I’ve seen. If you or somebody you know grew up during Apollo GET THIS for them for Christmas!! You can’t go wrong.
This is so awesome! The flashing lights on the ISS-Above constantly tell you how far the International Space Station is from your house. And when plugged to the TV you get information about where the ISS is, which crew is currently on board and you even get a live video feed from cameras on the ISS (in space!!!). The ISS passes our house a lot more than I thought and this is such a fantastic reminder!
It’s hard to describe what a difference having an ISS Above in your living room makes to family occasions. If you’re getting together for thanksgiving or the holidays, it’s great to be able to sit back and watch at this excellent device shows you life as viewed from space.
Some days, it’s a straight view of earth as the international space station whizzes past at 5 miles per second. Othertimes, it’s a view of astronauts doing a spacewalk or the Canadarm moving supplies and equipment around the station.
You can travel round the world every 90-odd minutes with this great product ISS-Above HD.