Anna Kennedy is COO of ImageBEAM Inc.  She's a business development expert and picks up and runs with anything that needs doing to get the ISS-ABOVE out into the world.   Anna's background is in education, so she has a particular passion for inspiring students to study Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM), As a Math and Science teacher and Acting College Principal (many years ago), she's committed to strengthening the competence and increasing the passion in young people to use science and technology to impact the well-being our our Earth, our global citizens and our future as a exploratory species.

Anna's excited to connect with schools of every kind to bring the ISS-ABOVE to them and to hear those shrieks of delight when the ISS-ABOVE starts flashing its LED lights.

In her spare time, Anna has her own business, develops education products in the area of business growth and development and is the author of Business Development for Dummies.  

"Working with Liam is an inspiration - I get to do the best job in the world every day".

Anna Kennedy
(o) 626 345 5056, (m) 949 400 3358

Liam and anna - it's a partnership

Liam and anna - it's a partnership