ISS-Above at the offices of The Planetary Society in Pasadena

There has been an ISS-Above at the offices of The Planetary Society since 2014.   A few months ago they moved to new offices - and their ISS-Above has now been upgraded with the latest version.  It holds pride of place in one of the conference / work rooms which is visible to everyone as soon as you walk through their front door.   

The CEO of The Planetary Society, Bill Nye The Science Guy has been a long-term supporter of the ISS-Above.  Bill purchased one back in 2014 and even mentioned it in an interview he gave to The Wall Street Journal.    

We returned the favor (as much as we could) by creating a custom version of the ISS-Above that will track their LightSail when it launches (possibly later this year).  The LightSail-Above was a great success with their recent Kickstarter and helped add $21,500 to the project total.    If you are a Planetary Society member and you own an ISS-Above your device will also be able to track the LightSail!   

In this weeks episode of Planetary Radio you can win an ISS-Above by answering the Trivial Question.  Listen to the 1/19/2016 episode 

Expedition 46 Crew launches to ISS

Tomorrow morning (Dec 15th 2015) at 6:03am ET Expedition 46/47 crew launches to the International Space Station on the Soyuz TMA-19M from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan

Approximately 6 hours later (12:24pm ET) the spacecraft will dock with the ISS.    

The launch will be broadcast on NASA TV - be sure to get up early to watch the launch 6:03am ET

Crew launching tomorrow

Yuri Malenchenko - RosCosmos Cosmonaut
Timothy Kopra - NASA Astronaut
Timothy Peake - ESA (UK) Astronaut

All photos from NASA / ESA

ISS makes three close passes over Paris #PrayersForFrance #OrbitalPerspective

The International Space Station makes a bright visible pass over Paris at 6:37am local time and it is visible to all who would look up.   It's a reminder to all who see it that we are one small world.  

Almost 92 minutes later it makes yet another close pass JUST as sunrise breaks over Paris.  May the new day bring hope and possibilities for a world united in peace.  


This shows the passes of the International Space Station over Paris on the morning of November 14 2015

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been impacted by this terrible act of violence.